Solid Surfaced Kitchen Worktops

Solid surfaced kitchen worktops, solid surfacing sheet bonded to chipboard or MDF baseboard, solid 25mm acrylic or solid surfacing sheet material in 3mm, 6mm, 10mm and 12mm thickness for completely bespoke projects.

A superb range of high quality solid surfaced kitchen worktops

John Porter Worktops are a specialist supplier of solid surfaced kitchen worktops offering DuPont™ Corian®, Maia, Minerva and Getacore solid surfaced worktops. Getacore is also available as solid surface sheeting from 3mm to 12mm thick. Home delivery throughout mainland UK. 

Why choose solid surfaced kitchen worktops for your kitchen?

They give a modern, sleek look but can look equally at home in a contemporary kitchen

Available in many different sizes which reduces waste

Hygienic:- non-porous surface so bacteria have nowhere to hide

Seamless joints

Our solid-surfaced worktops vary between 25mm and 42mm thick, and are made from a 3mm or 6mm thick layer of solid surface material, bonded to a high quality chipboard or mdf baseboard, or Minerva, made from solid, modified acrylic.

Always use chopping boards when preparing food.

Always use trivets or Worktop Protectors to protect solid surfaced worktops from hot pans.