Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit your showroom?
Yes, please visit us in our kitchen and worktop showroom. Please call us prior to making your journey here to give us a little notice as we are frequently busy unloading stock.  We would be more than happy to meet you for a chat and would be able to give you a quick quotation. Don't forget to bring your kitchen plan with you, however complicated or basic! Call us on 01825 891313.

What are your office hours?
We are open for telephone calls and showroom visits between 9:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Monday to Friday; 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Saturday.

Do your prices include VAT?
All prices shown on our website INCLUDE VAT. Our GB VAT number is 810 6999 12

Which credit and debit cards do you accept?
We accept most credit and debit cards EXCEPT American Express.

Where can I get hold of laminate samples?
When you have found a worktop on our website, there will be a phone number or email address of the manufacturer towards the bottom of that page. They will send you the free sample. You can then compare this sample with your worktop when it arrives to make sure it is the correct one.

My worktop is a slightly different colour or shade to the one I ordered. Why?
ALWAYS compare your original free of charge laminate colour sample (see above) with your new worktop as soon as it has been delivered. It is possible, although very rare, for you to receive a worktop of a slightly different colour to the one you ordered i.e. the incorrect worktop. In these circumstances please call us immediately so that we can arrange for a free of charge swapover. DO NOT CUT or otherwise mark the worktop as we would then be unable to arrange a free of charge swapover.

How do I check my laminate worktop for damage?
A thorough visual check is essential, but also, peel back the protective film from the front edge of the worktop then run your fingers slowly along the long, postformed front edge. This can reveal impact damage that is not readily apparent simply by looking. 

If a worktop arrives damaged, what do I do?  
Telephone us within 24 hours on 01825 891313 to report the damage and we will arrange a free of charge swapover on the uncut worktop as soon as possible (usually a day or two).

If your laminate worktop arrives damaged or scratched, DO NOT cut it or attempt to install it. The manufacturer would need it to be returned in one piece so they could ascertain the cause of damage otherwise we would not be able to arrange for a free of charge replacement.

Do you provide a cutting service for the laminate or wooden worktops? 
Sorry, we do not provide a cutting service. The laminate and wooden worktops and breakfast bars are easy to cut using ordinary woodworking machinery. We can only supply the sizes stated on the website.